Picnic Baguette

6" white baguette just right for the beach  

Soft White Sesame Buns

A 3oz classic American style bap topped with sesame seeds.

A great accompaniment with our 1/4 lb burger.

Full Length White Baguette

Baguettes are pure simplicity: flour, water, salt, and yeast.

Soft White Finger Buns

Soft, buttery, flavourful, and able to hold up to infinite toppings.

Since 2010

Soft White Bread Rolls

A 3oz classic British bap. Simple, quick and perfect at just about

every time of the day, with any filling.

$6.00 Each

$12.00 Each

$12.00 per

pack of 6

the upper crust bakery bequia

$12.00 per pack of 6


$10.00 per

pack of 5

Rolls, Buns & Baguettes